"If you could say it with words, there would be no reason to paint" - Edward Hopper

This is my online art-shop. Here you can browse my work and indulge yourself by buying it. My work is a real work of painting instead of just printing on canvas as usual on the web. The payment is secure and entrusted to Paypal , known and reliable system that allows conventional payment by credit card or even bank transfer , even if you do not have a Paypal account . This shop is fully adapted to navigation by tablet or smartphone. You may also contact me to visit my workshop or order a custom canvas. If you don't want to buy one of my paintings, you can sponsor me by a modest donation of 2 euros. Art, like the maintenance of this website, are generating a lot of costs.

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About me

I'm a professional painter as a secondary activity, and in civil life I have an exciting job, and painting is one of my many hobbies. However, I have been painting and drawing for more than 30 years, which assures me some skills in this field, as I practice various techniques.

Since 2016, as I'm always looking for a new work area, I've been wondering about pop-art. Would pop-art favor form more than substance? In my opinion, the concept is more in the attitude given to the work than in the work itself. So I explored this track by returning to the foundations of what defined the pop-art culture, according to the definition given by Marcel Duchamp at the beginning of the 20th century, namely the fusion of the notions of work of art and art. decorative object.

In this way I revisit in my own way some strong currents like cubism, impressionism and even classicism by reinterpreting them. Since 2018 I have developed my technique to black and white through a range of gray, to further sublimate this work and bring me closer to the old photography. I am also planning to explore the gray grayscale trail, which will be a new focus of research.

I paint life, emotions and love. I capture souls, and my work is focused on the color of feelings with a specific search for a "other" feminine, or my dual ideal, since this person can not, in my opinion, have real existence. This is the reason why I reinterpret portraits essentially. 

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Exhibitions timeline

The 2018 season is coming, with plenty of exhibitions and shows !
New in 2018 : several art galleries in France will exhibit my work.

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 My online timeline

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