"Creating is resisting"

2004, March 8th : 13 former members of the National Council of Resistance (CNR), Lucie Aubrac, Raymond Aubrac, Henri Bartoli, Daniel Cordier, Philippe Dechartre, Georges Guingouin, Stéphane Hessel, Maurice Kriegel-Valrimont, , Georges Seguy, Germaine Tillion, Jean-Pierre Vernant, and Maurice Voutey, issued a solemn appeal:

"Creating is resisting. Resisting is creating »

Today, in the crisis in Europe, between the questioning of the social conquests of the Liberation and the thrust of the extreme right. These words "addressed with affection to the younger generations" are more than ever topical and a way of paying tribute to those who resisted for happy days by continuing to make their voices heard.

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